Wine Trail Guest Policy

We hope you enjoy your visit to the wineries on the Madera Wine Trail. To make your experience safe and enjoyable, we ask the following: 

● All event guests must be age 21 or over, including designated drivers. 


● No outside alcoholic beverages. 


● Intoxicated guests will not be served, even if you are not driving. The wineries have no choice – it’s the law. 


● Wineries cannot accept groups over 16 persons. 


● Vehicles must be no larger than limousine or small shuttle size and cannot permit consumption of alcohol in transit between the wineries. 


● Be safe and always have a designated driver or book through a transportation provider. 


Thank you for your understanding and help in making the

Madera Wine Trail a safe and fun environment for all. 



Visit: Contact: P.O. Box 25028 – Fresno, CA 93729 – 800.613.0709